Premium Residential Services

SuperClean offers a wide variety of premium residential cleaning
services at affordable prices.

Residential Services

Our residential customers know they can rely on our expertise and satisfaction guarantee. SuperClean has a strong commitment to first-rate customer service. We offer cost-effective pressure cleaning services aimed at improving the appearance of your property, while preserving and even increasing its value.

roof cleaning repair

Roof Cleaning

Many roofs are replaced prematurely because they are dirty. Many roofing contractors will not tell a homeowner that they could save thousands by just cleaning their roof. SuperClean uses a specially formulated roof wash mix that safely cleans your roof without voiding the warranty on your shingles. Contact us today for a FREE PROPERTY ANALYSIS!


clean vinyl siding

House Cleaning

We can restore your home's curb appeal with our soft wash house cleaning services. Pressure washing a house can cause moisture to become trapped behind your siding. This moisture can turn into mold. SuperClean Powerwashing takes pride in being on the forefront of the exterior cleaning industry. Our no pressure soft wash method and specially formulated house mix leads the way for safe house cleaning. Contact us today for a FREE PROPERTY ANALYSIS and let our technicians show you how SUPERCLEAN can restore your central KY home's curb appeal.


gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Most gutters will have darker black streaks than those above. SuperClean Powerwashing can remove staining and debris from the outside and inside of gutters. Gutter cleaning is an excellent compliment to a NO Pressure Roof Cleaning, or House Wash.


concrete drive cleaning

Driveways & Concrete

Mold, fungus, and bacteria thrive on concrete surfaces. Not only will dirty concrete decrease a house's curb appeal, but it can be unsafe for children and pets. SuperClean Powerwashing offers regular cleaning packages as well as brightening and sealing services. Sealing your driveway or sidewalk will prevent premature aging and pitting. Your driveway or sidewalk will not only look great, but require less maintenance too.


fence cleaning restoration


Fence Cleaning & Restoration

Wood, Vinyl, and Stone: Wood fences are cleaned using our safe no pressure method. This prevents any scarring or burring that a pressure washer can cause. A pressure washer in the wrong hands can cause serious damage to your fence. SuperClean Powerwashing can clean, strip, stain and seal your wood fence and clean dirt, mold and mildew from your vinyl or stone fence.

patio cleaning


Mold, fungus, and bacteria thrive on patio surfaces as well. Not only will these dirty surfaces decrease a house's curb appeal, but it can be unsafe for children and pets. SuperClean Powerwashing can help you keep your patio and outdoor areas looking great!



Other Services